Fastest, Cheapest And Best Way To Send Food To Your Family In Haiti

We all left Haiti to improve our lives and situation as human beings. Living abroad, we're so fortunate now to experience and live a better life. 

And about our family members we left behind in Haiti and Dominican Republic? Are their life better?

The short answer is no unless you've been disconnected from the news in Haiti. Let's bring our attention and awareness to them today. 

Surprise them with a gift or a groceries and they will appreciate it for sure. Be our brothers and sisters keepers by helping them in the time of needs. Life is tough in our island back there.

Let's act now with the help of Bamboo Global Market. In case you don't know, Bamboo Global Market is the premier choice online service that you can use today to purchase gifts or groceries for your family in Haiti or Dominican Republic. 

We're the most trustworthy service in the online market and we'll deliver your order in 48 hours. 

99% of our customers are completely satisfied with our service and you will be as well. Try us today to surprise a family member

Thought It'd Be Great To Let You Read Some Encouraging Words From Our Loyal Customers

  • Image of J. Eugene

    Thanks Bamboo Global Market for an excellent and unmatched customer service. We're so used to a culture where don't get treated well for our money exchange. I used to be frustrated with the majority of online service. Not so professional agents talking to you - poor customer service. I'm glad I have found Bamboo Global Market. They're just different - J. Eugene

  • Image of P. Margareth

    With Bamboo Global Market, I have the convenience to send foods to my family anytime, anywhere and whenever I want. I remember ed traveling more than 15 miles to find a place to send something to my family in Haiti. Huge line always awaited me. Now, right in the comfort of my home, I place my orders. They have an easy web site and they take care of you as well. Listen, I would use Bamboo a zillion times - P. Margareth

  • Image of J. Corvil

    A loud shoutout to Bamboo Global Market. - J. Corvil

Successful Deliveries With Bamboo


Hey, we're happy to share with you our successful deliveries made by our busy team in Haiti

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