Don't Just Send Food To Haiti, Send Kids To School In Haiti

Bamboo Global Market Launches the new program called "Bamboo Sponsorship Program" that allows us to send kids to school in Haiti. 

We believe that every kid deserves to go to school for a better tomorrow. Unfortunately, we're living in our society where going to school becomes a luxury. 

With your help, Bamboo Global Market Team is committed to sending hundreds to school in September this year. 

We know it's a huge challenge and we take it upon ourselves to make it happen. Here's how the program works

1. We create "Bamboo Sponsorship Fund" and the purpose of the fund is to collect money to fund kids tuition in relegated area in Haiti. 

2. Every time you make a purchase in Bamboo Global Market, we allocate $2 from that purchase to the fund. You will become a contributor to that fund.

 We believe starting September 2017, we can start sending kids to school with your help. We aren't asking you for donation. We just ask you to use our platform to send food to your family in Haiti and at the same time contributing to send poor kids to school. 

You aren't just sending food to your family, you're sending kids to school with Bamboo Global Market Sponsorship Fund. 

We hope that resonates with you for those of you living abroad and you are ready to make an impact in our society.

We give you a voice and forum to make an impact in your actions and behavior. We're looking forward to linking arms with you to make this program a pure reality.

Imagine your impact in some kids life 10 years from now who can become positive leaders of our great and loving country, Haiti. 

Together we can accomplish great things. Join us in this program. 

Call us at 800-392-7313 for more information or make your purchase today to start contributing to our Sponsorship Fund.



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