About Us

Hi I am Karlil Amisial

I wanted to take a moment to welcome you to Bamboo Global Market website.

Bamboo Global Market came to the idea of exposing a true platform online that you can use to give back to your family and loved ones in Haiti and Dominican Republic.

We all came abroad to look for a better life and situation and the majority of us are fortunate to live a decent life where we can provide the basic necessities to our children living with us here.

However and about our family members we left behind in Haiti? Do you happen to think a bit how they make a living there?

One thing I know, the situation in Haiti has worsened since the time you left Haiti and those people you left behind may be helpless now.

It comes to us to surprise them with a gift or something to remind them that we think of them all the time.

Bamboo Global Market can help you. Browse the website right now and you will be able to find something to send to your family in Haiti now at an affordable price.

We’re the leading internet service provider for your purchase to your family in Haiti and the most trustworthy platform for our existing customers.

Thanks again for coming by and checking our website.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you again.

So come back again.

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