We'd like to inform you about our shipping policy. We have what we called a 48-hours policy. When you place an order with us, your goods will be delivered in 2 business days, Sunday not included.

During checkout, you have two choices

1) Customer Pickup

2) Standard Delivery

Customer pickup is at no charge to you. Your family member in Haiti will go to the merchant to pick up the goods themselves. We'll connect to your family member to tell them the procedures to pick up the goods. Some merchants warned us not to send our clients at an undesirable time. Please let's us coordinate with your recipient the best time to visit our merchants.

With Standard delivery, we deliver the goods to your family member's house for a delivery fee. We want to remind you that a good phone number is critical for our delivery team. Addresses in Haiti are not typical and we rely on a good phone number to connect with your recipient.


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